The city of Badalona

Badalona is a waterfront city with 217,000 inhabitants located between the beach and the mountains, which is 10 km far from Barcelona. Badalona has an area of 21.18 km2 and can boast of its 3.7 km of beach within its 5 km of coastline which receive more than 1 million visitors every year.

Badalona and its economy

At an economic level, Badalona has 5,000 companies with 45,000 employees and 10,000 self-employed workers and the unemployment rate is 12.8%. There are 5 industrial and commercial areas where the metal-mechanical and the chemical-pharmaceutical sectors stand out as well as the sector of big shopping malls and superstores.

Badalona and Tourism

Badalona has a 4-star hotel and another 4-star hotel belonging to the Grup Sallés is now being built. The main touristic equipment is the port of Badalona for fishing and sport activities. At present a second phase in the Port of Badalona is under construction and it will include a navigable canal of 350 m connected to the central dock, for 200 motor boats, with a residential neighbourhood in front of the sea with an area of 14,000 m2 and 2,000 new housings. 

Badalona and Culture

Several important cultural events take place in Badalona, such as the International Festival of short films Filmets, the Blues & Rythm musical festival, the International Magic Li-Chang Memorial, the Zorrilla Theatre and the Museum of Badalona. Also to be highlighted is the Pavelló Olímpic with a capacity for 12,000 spectators, the seat of the 85-year-old Club Joventut of Badalona Divina Seguros and one of the leading teams in the Spanish league.

Badalona and Science

Badalona is also a city with a strong leadership in Health and Life Sciences thanks to the University Campus of Can Ruti, as it contains 10 important entities dedicated to biomedical research, university studies and healthcare.

South District

The South Innovative District is located inside the present South Industrial Estate, with an area of 62 hectares out of which a third part will become the new district within the next ten years.

  • Underground, Tram and motorway connectivity.
  • 2 km of beach
  • Port of Badalona. Sport and Fishing port with 647 berths.
  • Privileged housing surroundings and new navigable canal.
    A new 14,000 m2 newly-built area with port service, parkland, 2,000 new.
  • Important industrial sector with intensive industries in technology and exporting, mainly of the metal-mechanical and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors.
South District. Transformation of 20 hectares

100,000 m of land for technological offices with 400,000 m of offices.

50,000 m for equipment and new urbanization.

50,000 m for social housing.

North District

The Innovative North District, which is 3 km away from the above mentioned one, is located in the industrial estate called North or Can Ribó with an area of 28 hectares, approximately five of which will be transformed within the next 10 years.

  • Connectivity by motorway and a 5-minute walk to the train station
  • 5 km of beach with easy access
  • Residential area by the industrial estate in front of the station.
  • Important industrial sector with intensive industries in technology and exporting, mainly of the metal-mechanical sector.
North District. Transformation of 5 hectares

25,000 m of land for technological offices with 100,000 m of offices.

12,500 m for equipment and new urbanization.

12,500 m for social housing.

Project of the city of Badalona

As a whole, these new districts will shape an innovative environment which will connect to the 22@ District of Barcelona, with the university campus of the Universitat Politècnica of Catalunya, and will be part of the urban network of Badalona, offering a compact model of a 21st century city where work and life will be possible in Mediterranean surroundings near the sea.

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